Do it Yourself

Do it Yourself – Budget Kitchen Cabinet

Installing a kitchen on your own is fraught with risks. Most of the time the time and effort invested in doing it yourself far exceeds the costs of hiring a professional designer in the first place.

Following are some of the areas where you will need to be cautious:

1. Measurements:

Inaccurate measurements are the reason why most DIY jobs falter. You need accurate measure height of ceiling, wall to wall measurement and account for openings such as doorways and windows.

2. New appliances:

Sizes of appliance are always changing. Be sure to take accurate specs from the manufacturer and use them for designing.

3. Wrong hardware:

You need to have the right number of handles, knobs, hinges and other hardware required for installation. Use appropriately fasteners to install cabinetry to the wall for safety reasons.

4. Improper planning for lighting:

For under cabinet lighting or recessed lights its cheaper and more effective for your electrician to do the prep work. Make sure that he has right measurements.

5. Plan for plumbing:

Dishwashers, trash compactors, and refrigerators as well as sinks and faucets are the common appliances to be accounted for. Consider extra fixture you might need in future to prevent any disturbance to the kitchen later.

6. Attempting to install cabinets alone:

Cabinets are tough, heavy and awkward. Make sure that you have at least one person to help.

7. Unleveled or offset installation:

Cabinets have to be properly leveled and it’s tricky to get them accurately lined up to prevent future misalignment. Nothing looks worse than seeing a major difference in the placement of cabinets surrounding a window.