Work with a Professional

Work with a Professional – Budget Kitchen Cabinet

The first meeting

It is important for you to be equally prepared to ensure that the first meeting is productive. A good idea is to look at various design magazines and do analysis on internet to shortlist the kind of finishes and looks you like. Look at various options for appliances, counters, doors and other accessories to decide on “what is in” and “what will you like”. This will help you and your designer to hit the ground running.

Visually communicate your ideas

As you begin to think about your dream kitchen it is very important to have some visual representation of your taste. Start collecting pictures from different magazines, clipping, ads and internet. Go visit some websites to get a better feel of what your ideal kitchen space will look like.

Do some homework yourself

Evaluate your present kitchen. What are some of the positives you would like to reinforce? What are some of the negatives which have to be overcome? How important is the storage space, how many trips you take every month for grocery shopping. What is your family size? Do you like to entertain?

These are some of the questions which will help you to be better prepared.

How will you use the new space

The functional aspects of your kitchen are equally important as are the esthetics. Are you the type of person who likes to cook gourmet meals on a regular basis. What will be the size and type of appliances that you will require, will be some of the more general questions.

What appliances you will need

Appliance selection should be the first step of the kitchen designing process. The size and types of appliances affects the overall look and feel and space allocation of a kitchen. An extra large refrigerator and a pro style cooking grille will dramatically change the landscape of your kitchen.

Provide measurements

Your kitchen designer will take precise measurements before imparting on the kitchen designing process. However it is strongly advised to take note of the basic measurements of your space. The size and location of windows, doors or hallways and the dimensions of your space will help the designer to steer the design process in the right direction.


Your budget needs to include all the factors that will contribute to the project. Will you be moving walls to make more space for your kitchen? Appliances vary greatly in their prices so you need to be sure of what you need. Cabinetry and countertops come in wide range of prices. Sharing an initial budget with your designer will help him work within the confines so that you get best bang for your buck.