Renovating your Kitchen

Renovating your Kitchen – Budget Kitchen Cabinet

Prepare for a Kitchen Renovation

Depending on the length and time duration of the renovation you need to take steps to prepare your home for a successful renovation.


1. Speak to the person in charge of renovation for the exact schedule and the time it is going to last. This information will help you to plan ahead to ensure that you and your family are well prepared for the time they might have limited to no access to the kitchen.

2. You will need to reserve the freight elevator in advance in case you stay in a high rise apartment. This will enable your contractor to move supplies in and out of your apartment efficiently.

3. Remove all the wall hangings, decorative pieces, furnishings from the kitchen walls and the wall shared with kitchen to ensure that they don’t get damaged.

4. Prepare your family for the times you will not have access to your kitchen. You might want to cook some meals in advance, take some help from your friends and relatives or have more frequent trips to the restaurants. It’s better to make a schedule for all the meals for all the days you will be forbidden to use your kitchen.

5. Pack kitchen items you will not require during renovation into labeled boxes. Fragile materials will need to be packed using bubble wrap.

6. Set aside the items you will require on daily basis like microwave, coffee maker, utensils, can openers, toasters and move others items in a shed or garage.

7. Purchase disposable cups, plates, cutlery for renovation period for more convenience.

8. Move refrigerator to another location for the duration of renovation.

9. Take advantage of an outdoor grill if your renovation is occurring during nice weather conditions.

10. Relocate all furniture and use protective sheets to cover all furniture in or near your kitchen to prevent any damage

11. All the walkways and carpets will need to be covered to prevent any damage during renovation as well.

12. Your pet will need to be trained and prepared for renovation. Move food and water to another location with less noise and disturbance. This will make sure that your pet is not stressed during renovation.
13. Find if your contractors will use a portable bathroom. In case they require access to your bathroom you might want to remove all your belongings and decorative items. You might also want to remove or cover all carpets to prevent damage.